Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





Javier Vega, Director of the IPEX: "FENAVIN is one of the best professional trade fairs on wine in the world"

24.04.2009 | 

Once again at this edition the Institute for Foreign Promotion of Castilla-La Mancha (IPEX) will be actively participating at FENAVIN 2009, the National Trade Fair on Wine, which will take place at the Ciudad Real Trade Fair Pavilion from May 5th to the 7th.

In coordination with the Provincial Government of Ciudad Real, the IPEX has organized the invitation and visit of importers and journalists that are specialized in wines, these from countries such as China, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, India, Russia, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Angola, Columbia, South Korea, Israel, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Ukraine, Ecuador and Kazakhstan.

These guests, all of whom have an important commercialization network in their countries of origin, will enjoy the chance to meet with exhibitors and taste and evaluate the great variety of Spanish wines on offer at the fair. The IPEX thus collaborates with FENAVIN to complete and enhance the international presence of purchasers, given that according to Vega "in some fashion they are actually the key to the trade fair's success".

The Director of the IPEX, who assures that FENAVIN has consolidated itself as one of the most important specialized trade fairs on wine in Europe, affirmed that countries such as Russia have a tremendous interest in Castilla-La Mancha wines, or China and Hong Kong, countries that are in general interested in Spanish wines. Likewise Brazil is particularly enticed with Castellano-Manchego wines, as is also the case with Germany, as he again repeats that "FENAVIN has consolidated itself as a European trade fair of reference".

He has also advanced that the main representatives of a Hong Kong and Japan based chain of stores, which draws together 500 specialized stores, will also be present at this fifth edition of FENAVIN. In this sense Vega believes that "the trade fair is very much worth our while, as this is in fact a business trade fair".

With regards to the situation of Spanish wine on the foreign market, the Director of IPEX points out that "it is actually suffering a certain delay, because it does not hold the position that would correspond at the production and quality level that Spain's wine has in the world". And this is due to the delay in its promotion on an international level. However, he highlights that this situation "is starting to improve", despite the appearance of New World countries (Australia, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa), countries that in his opinion, "have moved really fast".

He also notes that the situation of Castellano-Manchego wines finds itself at a mid-point, because "we have the best of the New World and the best of the Old World".

He also underlines that the effort made in Spain to modernize the wine sector has been very significant, adding that "we have an important quality-price ratio". In this respect he recommends that promotional activities take place so that the consumers will be well informed and also to allow them to enter through the distribution channels.

FENAVIN, Business and Professional Trade Fair

The Director of IPEX asserts that "there is business taking place at FENAVIN and it is a professional trade fair", which are two keys for the wineries that are coming in, given that participation in an event with these characteristics represents both time and an important economic effort. Therefore, FENAVIN, which has a perfect size, with a good national offer and an important volume of purchasers, represents the ideal space for a professional who "will be doing business during the three days that the trade fair lasts".

The crisis that is affecting the Spanish economy and, in particular, the wine sector, has not actually been felt at FENAVIN. This instance is corroborated by the figures of this fifth edition, as well as in the number of wineries that will be present at the trade fair, about 1200, both present and represented, or the number of square meters of exhibit that has increased, going from the 22,133 at the 2007 edition to the 29,525 at this edition, apart from another pavilion that has been added, Ganímedes.

In this sense the Director of IPEX, institution that is present at fairs throughout the globe and in all sectors, comments that in the current situation "the number of exhibitors at trade fairs such as the International Food Show (SIAL) in Paris, which took place towards the end of last year, decreased in 15% and even so it was considered to be a success. "The fact that FENAVIN seems to be in the contrary line, proves that it truly is a professional trade fair and it is precisely in times of crisis that the best are the ones enjoying the most success". "The figures back this up: FENAVIN is one of the best professional trade fairs on wine in the world".

He finally explains that FENAVIN helps in the commercialization of wine because "it is the one to start the direct professional offer- and professional - demand. Altogether it represents the beginning of the commercial relationship and of the sales".