Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019

Ciudad Real, may 07-09 2019





"Spanish wine has a very interesting opportunity on the Irish market"

This is what Liam Campbell, Chief Editor of the Irish Independent newspaper, has affirmed when he explained today in the conference "Understanding the Irish wine consumer" that the price, lower than 9.99 Euros, the importance of approaching the consumer and the Irish buyer, as well as maintaining promotion in the country represent fundamental factors.

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"Spanish wine has a very interesting opportunity on the Irish market". This is what Liam Campbell, Chief Editor of the Irish Independent newspaper and judge at international wine contests, such as the Concours Mundial in Brussels, the South African Michelangelo Award, the Bacchus in Madrid or the International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels, assured today at FENAVIN.

In his opinion there are three fundamental factors so that a producer of Spanish wine can penetrate the Irish market on a good footing, a country that consumes 17 liters of wine per capita and year, and in which beer carries more weight in the tastes of the consumers than wine does.

"Price is a very important factor to penetrate the market and it must stand at less than 9.99 Euros. Campbell also reminded those present that it must be taken into account that between the year 2012 and 2013 there were two tax increases on alcohol, hence the final price, which not only affects wine but all other beverages, is absolutely fundamental".

In the second place, "for the Irish consumer proximity is fundamental, as knowing the faces and a tight-knit relationship are essential for closing sales and it is important to know the client very well, and that means spending time with them and taking good care of the relationships".

The third definitive factor is "maintaining investment in promotion and in activities that make the wines known among the consumers". In this sense he highlighted that Spain is a unique country that is constantly working on promotion "while others have left this behind, therefore, the position of Spanish wine has a great potential there".

Alfonso Janeiro, Representative of the Wine Department of the ICEX, was also present during the chat, highlighting that since the year 2000 the volume of Spanish wine sold in Ireland has doubled and value has grown in 74%".

Campbell likewise underscored the important work that the ICEX is carrying out as the Spanish ambassador in Ireland, with constant work to introduce Spanish wine in the country.

"FENAVIN is a very practical trade fair"

This is the first time that Liam Campbell has visited FENAVIN, yet he has already had the opportunity to verify "the effortlessness there is to discover new wines in the Wine Gallery", apart from "how well thought out the space is, practical and with a convenient open-plan that encourages encounters between the producer and the buyer: this makes the trade fair unique".